Janet Lim Napoles and Miriam Santiago Memes Photos

After the pork barrel scam hearing on the Senate on Thursday, November 7, Janet Lim Napoles and Miriam Santiago was featured in several memes.

Jane Napoles Featured in Meme

Napoles memes featuring her claim to innocence of the pork barrel scam spreads on social media site, Twitter.

Some Netizens made a joke through memes of every Napoles answers to Senators using the words “Di ko po alam” and “I invoke my right against self-incrimination.”

Janet Napoles and the whistle-blowers meet for the first time during the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing, considered as the most powerful committee of the senate.

Napoles was being asked with several questions that forced her to give few answers and repeatedly said “Di ko po alam.”

At the end, Miriam Santiago was unsuccessful to make Janet Napoles divulge the truth about the true mastermind of the pork barrel scam.

Instead, she advised Napoles to tell the truth before senators affected have her assassinated.

Anyway here are the memes photos taken from several users of twitter:

Benhur Luy and Janet Napoles Photo

Janet Napoles Memes Photos

Janet Napoles Right to Self Incrimination

Santiago Napoles Meme Photos

Miriam Santiago Meme Photo

Janet Napoles Honesto, Promise

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