Jollibee’s New TV Commercial (Noel) Video

Another Jollibee TV commercial for this Christmas entitled NOEL conveys a story of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) that comes home to his family to celebrate Christmas.

This is something that will make you cry somehow before Christmas. This is the reality of life of some Filipino who works abroad to earn a living for their family and love ones.

Jollibee New TV Commercial for Christmas

The man while in the cab calls his wife to tell her that he is coming. Then the cab driver started to ask him some questions, like where he came from. Then the answered him from “Sa Qatar.”

He asked more questions, and then he shared his own story, that he did not spent five Christmas with his son who works abroad.

“Iba talaga pag kumpleto and pamilya,” the cab driver said.

When they stop in front of the Jollibee, the man hugs his family and then he goes back to the cab driver saying “Tara tang. Kami ngayon ang pamilya mo.”

This is true to all OFW Filipino families, a common sacrifice, spending Christmas away from your love ones and family.

Jollibee thematic ad for this Christmas features Nanding Josef and directed by Dragon Pineda.

Watch Jollibee New TV Commercial for this Christmas:


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