WATCH: Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Privilege Speech – December 4, 2013 (Video)

Here’s the video of the privilege speech of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on Wednesday, December 4.

The speech of the Senator Santiago is in response to a scornful privilege speech delivered by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile last Wednesday, November 27, 2013 where Enrile called her an “insane, obsessive hater.”

Privilege Speech of Miriam Defensor Santiago

Photo by Junny Roy for

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago calling her colleague, Senator Enrile as a liar, plunderer, human rights violator, tax evader, smuggler, illegal logger and womanizer in the session hall of the Philippine Senate.

She delivered her speech right in front of Enrile and points to senator and said that his mind is “sick, sick, sick.”

Senator Miriam even asked the justice secretary to prosecute Senator Enrile for his alleged crimes under the Penal Code.

Watch Privilege Speech of Miriam Defensor Santiago:


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