Jeepney Driver Returns Señior Citizen Fare Photo Goes Viral

The photo of a Good Samaritan driver who returns jeepney fare of a senior citizen went viral after a certain Josef Descalzo uploaded the picture on his Facebook account.

According to Descalzo that he noticed this kind hearted act of a driver then he immediately took this picture while he is on his way to his school at University of the East.

Good Samaritan Jeepney Driver Story

Image Credit: Josef Descalzo

This is a very heartwarming story for this Christmas. A lot of people were touched of this story and we believed that it is worth emulating especially for the younger generation.

Here’s the full story behind this picture which captured the attention of many.

Overheard while I was on my way to school just today…

Lola: Bayad ho

Jeepney driver: Señior citizen ho kayo?

Lola: oho.

Jeepney driver: May kasama ho kayo?

Lola: wala ho

Jeepney driver: *returning back the money to the old lady* Wag na ho kayo magbayad

Lola: Ha? Bakit?

Jeepney driver: *smiling* Kung wala po kayong kasama kahit ilan pa kayong señior citizen dito sa jeep ko basta hindi kayo magkakilala, nililibre ko. Ang sarap kaya tumulong. Para pag tanda ko, meron din tutulong sa akin!

As of this posting the story on Josef Descalzo Facebook account was shared 27 thousand times and garnered 104 thousand likes with 264 comments.

According to Descalzo that he was touched to what the drive have done and to pay tribute to his action he decided to share this on his Facebook account.

Via: Josef Descalzo

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