P3.2 Million Globe Bill Posted on Facebook Goes Viral (Photos)

A Globe subscriber, Elmer de Guzman was surprise to see his bill amounting to more than P3 million after he arrive home from his Dubai trip.

After he received the globe telecom bill statement, de Guzman posted it on his Facebook account and immediately it received a lot of comments, likes and thousand of shares.

Elmer de Guzman P3 Million Bill from Globe Telecom

The exact amount of the bill is P3, 272,638.38. This huge chuck of amount was due to data roaming charges according to Elmer.

According to him that he was also charged with more than P400, 000.00 for roaming calls.

He also claimed that he availed of Globe’s promo which is “Bridge DataRoam Unlimited UAE for USD 55 (5days) and yet he was still charged for data roaming.

Bridge DataRoam Unlimited UAE

Here’s the screen shot of the breakdown page provided by Elmer de Guzman, which shows the majority of the amount was due to the high volume of bandwidth consumed charged by DU Telecom of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Elmer de Guzman Globe Telecom Bill Breakdown Page

The globe subscriber from Bulacan was also charged with P500, 000.00 for almost 2GB worth of data for almost 24 hours.

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