Pantene Shampoo’s #WhipIt TV Commercial Ad Viral Video

A Pantene Philippines TV commercial “Pantene #WhipIt” labels against women was featured in Time Magazine and Ad Week.

It becomes viral and is getting international attention. This is a Pantene’s powerful campaign on defying labels in the workplace.

Pantene #WhipIt TV Commercial 2013 Viral Video

According to Yahoo OMG #WhipIt TV ad is “more than just a shampoo commercial because no Pantene bottle is in sight.”

The Pantene Shampoo commercial conveys a message how women are treated in the place of work.

According to the P&G’s Country Marketing Manager, Pepe Torres during the #WhipIt forum on gender bias which was held on November 26, 2013, she said that, “We think that beauty is power. When you feel beautiful, you’re unstoppable. Pantene is not just in the haircare business. It’s in the personal success business.”

Sheryl Sandberg Facebook Comments

It receives accolades from Sheryl Sandberg. She is the author of Lean In.

This is the latest TV Commercial Ad of Pantene Philippines which were developed by advertising agency BBDO Guerrero.

Pepe Torres further said as quoted that ““Personally, I would like to embrace a world in which brands are able to use its influence to be agents of positive social change.”

Watch the video:


The Pantene #WhipIt | Labels Against Women” has already earned more 5 million views in YouTube as of this posting.

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