Gary Valenciano and Gabriel Valenciano: Father and Son Super Selfie Video

Gabriel Valenciano way back in September popularized the concept of “Super Selfie” when he took an outrageous and quick-cut dance video of himself which garnered over 1.3 million views in YouTube.

This time a father and son super selfie tandem that will blow your mind which is now making rounds on the internet.

Super Selfie Video Goes Viral (Gab and Gary Valenciano)

Super star Gary Valenciano and his son Gabriel joined together in this 38-seconder video perform an epic dance to a remix version of Journey’s “Straight Ways.”

Watch the video here:


This is something that caught the attention not only of the Filipinos but of the worldwide community.

Different popular international websites and TV shows in the United States featured the Father and Son Super Selfie which was first posted on December 10, 2013.

As of this posting Gab and Gary Valenciano super selfie video garnered more than 700 thousand views and still counting after seven days on YouTube.

Here’s the previous Super Selfie – Tune Squad of Gabriel “Gab” Valenciano amazed over 1.3 million views:


We are expecting for another super selfie video, a Father and Son tandem to be produce this December.

Why not try to make your own too. You might be featured and get the attention of the world in the internet.

Enjoy watching the viral video featuring Gary Valenciano and Gabriel Valenciano in their Super Selfie Video that making waves right now online.

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