STRONG: Tribute Song to the Victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Official Music Video)

Andrew Lane, the R&B songwriter and music producer in Hollywood launched a tribute music video to all the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda with the International name (Haiyan).

Lane was touched, moved and inspired to write a song dedicated to all the victims of Yolanda that hit Central Philippines that brought great devastation.

STRONG Official Music Video

screen shot from YouTube

STRONG is all about rebuilding and strengthening of one’s self and one’s nation. Lane and with several artists finished recording the music video after just a week.

Here’s the meaning of the song according to the composer: “It’s about being strong and resilient.   Rather than focus on the tragedy and sorrow, it focuses on the positive energy to rebuild.”

Here’s the list of local and L.A. talent who shared their efforts to make this music video possible:

“Angel Berry, Daniel Curtis Lee, Matthew Parr-Jones, Maria Fernandez, Angela White, Tommy J. Mueller, Dan Arnold,  Samm Smith, Anca Boieru Valentin Borsu, , Johnnie Durocher, Myja Christinaa, Dee Skappak, Brent Tyler, Rowan Hildebrand, Carrie Schiffler, Gotham Rev. Ike Chukuka, Annie Patterson, Trev Kill, Courtney Wright-Chukuka, Sammy Jean, Kirby Sewell, Sangeeta, Melo Desistar, Cherilyn Huliganga, Al Doell, Jace Hewitt, Kaplan Doell, Yolanda Sargeant, Niki Middleton, Carla Brown, Kofi Wiafe, Vanessa Nenette Jane Phillips, Candace Schmidt, Sherri & Gemma Dahl, Connor Maddren, Erika & Emily Cukulin, Auslen & Tavyn Doell, Jaslyn Collis, Aileen Marcotte and Journey Gonzalez.”

Here’s the message of a well-known American actor, rapper and lyricist, Daniel Curtis Lee: “The determination of the people who endured this tragedy is so inspiring. My goal through the lyrics that I wrote is to inspire others to have that same spirit of determination and will to survive and persevere through any hardship.

STRONG official music video was shot and edited by Luis Gonzalez and the Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.

Luis Gonzales is a director of photography in Manila, Philippines and the Lifeline Foundation is a group of professionals devoted to “the relief of the oppressed and the empowering of the victim-minded.”

Watch the official music video:


The proceeds generated from iTunes of the music video which was launched on Thursday will go to the initiatives of Lifeline Foundation to help rebuild the lives and livelihood of all the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

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