Eerie Photo of Shark Lurking Near to Two Kids on the Shore (Video)

According to Yahoo! News, a mother inadvertently took a photo of her twins swimming on the shore in Manhattan Beach, with a large shark lurking nearby beneath a breaking wave.

This shocking photo was believed by lifeguards and local surfers to be a shark and the 12 year old kids were not aware of the great danger near them.  June Emerson, the mother, told her kids that it was just a dolphin, since they live at the beach and are swimming here almost every day.  She posted this photo in her Facebook account and has received a lot of comments. Most of them believed that it was real.  Some even believed that it was a great white shark, as it is relatively common to the area.

Shark Close Encounter Manhattan Beach

Screen Grab from Video

Last November, there were paddle boarders who have captured a video of the same incident in the same area. The video was taken 50 yards from the shore. After these incidents, people are terrified by the thought of sharing a space with these deadly predators, but then the California Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a warning to leave the sharks alone for the protection of these creatures.

Watch the video:

But then, Emerson treated that incident as just another beautiful day at the beach. “Big waves and apparently Big Fish!”, as she wrote on her Facebook page.

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