Davao City Torotot Festival: 7,568 Torotot Blowers Participates – Photos and Video

In celebration of New Year 2014, Davao City held its first Torotot Festival participated by 7,568 torotot blowers.

Torotot festival in Davao broke the Guinness World Record title set by Japan with a total 6, 900 blowers.

Watch the video:


Davao set the record with the highest number of torotot blowers in a single event and is expected to bags a new record for the Guinness Book of World Records.

The newest record set by the Philippines will be validated by the Guinness organizing committee, according to Arnold Dellosa, the Smart Communications’ regional sales manager in South Mindanao.

The following requirements needed by the Guinness organizers to validate the entry are the following: videos, aerial shots and photographs of 7,568 thousand participants in the said event at the Freedom Park.

Everything is being finalized according to Dellosa, because only Guinness can declare it official.

Davao City Torotot Festival

Image Credit: gmanetwork.com

This is the best option in celebrating New Year instead of firecrackers. All forms of fireworks had been banned for a long time in Davao.

It would be nice to see the whole Philippines celebrate New Year without firecrackers that cause injuries to several people every year.

It was reported earlier that there are about 10,000 thousand participants but only 7,568 was able to register during the event.

This post will be updated with photos once available in the internet.

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