KAWA Pro Strap

KAWA Pro Leather is made Genuine Leather designed by Professionals. All beautifully crafted by a Master Artisan, built for Comfort, Style and Durability.

KAWA Pro Gear showcases a perfect modern style for the new breed of professional photographers who want to look their best. Leather camera gear that gives simplicity with functional design.

KAWA Leather Camera Gear 1

Product’s Unique Features:

  • Comfort – The only genuine camera leather strap that is built for comfort. With Ergonomic Design, that conforms and adjusts to any body type for an excellent fit.
  • Modern Style – Made for simplicity with fashionable and sleek design.
  • Durability – A Camera Leather Strap reinforced with unique materials for durability and lasting quality.

Camera Gear by John Fick

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