Meet Siblings With Odd Names Macaroni 85, Spaghetti 88 and Sincerely Yours 98 – Video

Meet the three siblings from Sta. Maria, Bulacan having odd names like Macaroni 85, Spaghetti 88 and Sincerely Yours 98.

Siblings Macaroni 85, Spaghetti 88 and Sincerely Yours 98

Their strange were given to them by their father Sesinando “Bobby” Pascual who doesn’t like the name given to him and dreamed of having two kids and name them “Macaroni” and “Spaghetti.”

True to his words, Mang Bobby named his eldest Macaroni 85. The number 85 means he was born in 1985 followed by Spaghetti 88 in 1988.

In 1998, their youngest sister was born and given the name Sincerely Yours 98.

Macaroni 85 and Spaghetti 88 admitted that they were bullied when they were young because of their unique names.

But as they get older, they get used to it and their names even gave Spaghetti 88 an advantage as a sales person which helped her to build rapport with her clients.

When she gave birth to her first child, she also gave him a name related to spaghetti  which is Cheese Pemiento.

Their youngest sister, Sincerely Yours 98 nicknamed as “Truly” recently made an online buzz after netizens found her name in the list of passers in entrance exam of the University of the Philippines.

Watch the story of the three siblings with odd names Macaroni 85, Spaghetti 88 and Sincerely Yours 98 in the video below (Video Credit: ABS-CBN News):

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