Giant Squid Allegedly Found in California Beach is a Hoax (Viral Photo)

A giant squid photo that quickly spreads like a wildfire online was proven to be hoax. The photo of 160-foot giant sea creature washing ashore in California beach went viral after it was share on social media.

Here’s the comparison photo for your reference (the original photo and giant squid hoax photo).

Giant Squid in California Beach is a Hoax

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According to National Geographic and Orlando Sentinel websites, the viral photo of a giant squid allegedly found in Santa Monica Beach in California is completely fake.

The validity of the image has been questioned by netizens if it is really true or not, since the photo making rounds on social media and various blogs.

It was reported, that the source of the original photo was already found by a Twitpic user named Fabeilo, showing a crowd looking at a whale that washed ashore.

 National Geographic states, the shadows beneath the giant squid are wrong, an additional proof that the viral photo is purely a hoax. It further said that the largest squid on record is only measured 43 feet in length.

Nowadays, most of the photos that went viral online were proven always to be a hoax. It is easily shared on social media like twitter and Facebook and out of curiosity people tend to like it and share it online.

Giant Squid Photo Went Viral

To avoid this, netizens should always check the credibility of the source before sharing it to your online friends.

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