Cedric Lee and Denise Millet Cornejo Mastermind in Vhong Navarro’s Brutal Attack

During the exclusive interview of Vhong Navarro on the “Buzz ng Bayan” with Boy Abunda on Sunday, January 26, 2014, the host and comedian vehemently denied that he is a rapist contrary to reports that spreads in the social media these past two days.

Vhong also revealed his attackers and the mysterious girl who invited him to her condo unit. She was Denise Millet Cornejo.

Denise Millet Cornejo and Cedric Lee

Denise is a print and ad model and allegedly the granddaughter of GMA Top Executive, Felipe Gozon. She was once had the chance to work with Daniel Padilla.

Vhong Navarro also revealed that one of the guys who beat him was Cedric Lee and the other one was Mike.

Denise Millet Cornejo Suspect in Vhong Navarro's Brutal Attack

Who is Cedric Lee? According to reports, he is a Chinese businessman and a boyfriend/husband of singer Vina Morales.

Disclaimer: Cedric Lee and Denise Millet Cornejo were the alleged Mastermind in Vhong Navarro’s physical attack and extortion attempt. Kindly check our source below.

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  1. Once a person admitted hurting a person, right on the spot they should arrested him. Thats asttempted murder. There are two cases here and should file seperately. Rape case and attempted murder. And also to check if those people involve are philippines citizen. If not throw them back to their country.

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