Deniece Cornejo “Before and After” Photos Goes Viral on Facebook and Twitter (Video)

Deniece Cornejo or popularly known as Denise Millet Cornejo allegedly the mastermind of beating up, the comedian/host Vhong Navarro became the most recent trending personality in social media.

Before and After Deniece Cornejo Photo

Her “Before and After” photos surfaced online claiming that she is not that good looking girl in the previous years.

The 22-year-old model Deniece Cornejo “Before and After” photos went viral online after it was posted in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and popular blogs.

Deniece Millet Cornejo Before and After Photo

Not only her old photos spreads online but also her TV appearance as a contestant of Hephep! Hooray segment of Wowowee in 2009.

Check out the video below Deniece Milinette Cornejo in Wowowee:

YouTube Preview Image

Aside from noontime show Wowowee, she was also seen playing extra roles in teleserye. Deniece Cornejo was also a former student taking up HRM in La Salle Antipolo.

The controversial “Before and After” photos of Deniece Cornejo on Facebook and other social networking sites became the target criticisms of several netizens.

Deniece Cornejo Before and After Photo

Latest photo of Deniece Cornejo

Deniece Cornejo Before and After Photo

Screen Grab from YouTube video during her TV appearance in Wowowee in 2009



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  1. Tingnan mo nga naman nagagawa ng pera. Dati mukhang katulong tapis biglang naging mukhang amo na. I was deceived. I thought her beauty was God’s given gift. I thought it is natural. Fake lang pala. Hahaha! Di ko pagpalit mukha ng katulong namin sa kanya. Hahaha

    1. San pa kukuha ng pera yang Deniece Cornejo na yan pangparetoke nya e pagbabarko lang naman sueldo ng tatay nyan? E di san pa kungdi sa customers nya sa pangpopokpok nya. Di nako magtataka kung nageescort service yan sa Pegasus.

  2. tama kayo ualang hiya talaga yang c deniece cornejo akalain nyo nagawa pa nyang mag sinongaling sa lahat ng tao pati sa Depatment Of Justice .. eew mahiya kanaman..

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