It’s Showtime Lead Host Vice Ganda Twits Deniece Cornejo During “That’s My Tomboy” Grand Finals (Video)

Vice Ganda took potshots at Deniece Cornejo on Saturday, February 1 episode of “It’s Showtime.” Deniece and her group was allegedly behind the controversial mauling and extortion try of Vhong Navarro.

Vice Ganda Takes Potshots at Deniece Cornejo

Vice Ganda apparent jab at Deniece Cornejo started when he mentioned her name while he was interviewing Phao Faraon, the “That’s My Tomboy” grand finalist in the question and answer portion.

Watch the video:

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Here’s the question that makes the audience laugh and filled the day with fun to all Kapamilya viewers: “Sa palagay mo, kung iimbitahan ka, pupunta ka ba sa condo ni Deniece?” Please continue watching the video for the details…

It can be remembered, that the 22-year-old model Deniece Cornejo accused Vhong Navarro of rape but the latter denied the said accusations.

According to the model that she was rescued by Cedric Lee and his group and conducted a citizen arrest on Vhong. But the latter cries for foul as he was blindfolded tied up and attacked by the group.

Vhong Navarro has already filed charges to Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee’s group at the Department of Justice for serious physical injuries, grave threat, grave coercion, unlawful arrest, blackmail, and serious illegal detention — a non-bailable offense.

What do you think of Vice Ganda’s potshots at Denice on “It’s Showtime?”


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  1. Owsssss! Ang drama tehh! :/ Kung rape man yung nangyari, dapat kinasuhan moo! Chhe! Pinatawad agad? Hahahahaha … Ang sarap nyong i.untog sa Pader! Together with that @CedricLee. your fu*kin SUGAR DADDY :P

  2. denice masyado kang sinungaling wala sa itsura ni bhong navaro ang mangrerape binabaliktad mo lang ang mga pangyayari wah masyado kang madrama hindi na mabenta yan drama mo be nakakainis ka ……………………..dapat sa inyo makulong na ………..shet ka shit shit………

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